Project management

  • Do you need help with your IT Systems?
  • Are you expanding, downsizing or improving existing services?
  • You need to do something about your computer infrastructure, but you’re not quite sure what?

Let Meridian remove the stress.

Our IT project management team can take care of any planned or anticipated IT Projects for you and be reassured that you are in the hands of professionals.

  • We can provide you with a full IT project management assistance and advice service from inception to completion.
  • We will discuss your requirements in detail and provide you with the best solution possible to assist you with your goals.
  • Once agreed, a schedule of work will be delivered to you stating what work will be done and when the work will be carried out.
  • A full breakdown of the work we do will be available throughout the term of the project.
  • Upon completion of our work, we will supply you with a copy of our comprehensive system check-list detailing what testing has been performed, on what component and the date that each item passed.
  • Once all modules are checked and approved by our engineers, we will schedule a review date to verify that everything is working as you expected.

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