IT Sales and Upgrades

  • Do you need help buying the right computer equipment for your business?
  • Are you confident that you have the right security measures in place?
  • Do you know your switches from your elbows? and do you really want to?

We are not tied to any particular manufacturer so will give you competitive quotes based on our extensive experience of products in the marketplace.  We will source everything you need to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly, or just supply you with a quick replacement part for a faulty device.

Just ask us and we can give you our considered opinion about what will work best for you. There’s no commitment to buy just because you’ve asked us a question, but it would be nice if you would.

We strive to give our clients choice, diversity and a technical advantage and endeavour to make our clients happy by addressing your specific needs and working to your specifications. 

Our aim is to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the purchase that you make with us and we are here to help take the guesswork out of technology.

If you need to know what options you have available to you, we will explain to you what available in the marketplace and what your options are in an easy to understand language.  We can be as technical as you need us to be.

Where you favour a chosen brand, make or model; we’ll work to source your request. Where there is no expressed preference, and you need our guidance and advice; we will provide you with our considered recommendations and explain the reasons behind our selection.

Contact our computer sales team on 01780 482795 today