All companies need to keep records and retain documents in so many different areas of the business.  Documents vary from cataloguing what you have, why you have it, what rules govern what you have –   I’m sure you get the drift 

We have provided various documents for you to download that may not be generally or easily available.  We will increase our selection over time and can provide you with different formats should this be required.

We appreciate any requests for either new categories or specific documents and will not charge for any of them.  Just please feel confident that we are here to help and would love to hear from you.

Employee IT Change Request Form

Make it official and be specific. If you need changes to your current IT equipment, hardware or software; use this form to lodge an official request.

Computer Inventory Form

Ordering new computer equipment or just cataloguing the ones you have already? This form will help you to note down what you have / need.

Laptop checkout form

If you lend employees laptops for occasional / short-term use; ask them to sign this form so you can catalogue what it is they have, when they had it and when you expect it back.

Outsource IT

Information about outsourcing your IT.

Computer Account – network access form

New Employee? New Device? This form can be used in conjunction with the BYOD policy or on its own. If you need to provide permission for access to your Company network, you can use this form as part of the process.


BYOD (Bring your own device) Policy

Do you allow your employees to use their own personal devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets to connect to your Company IT infrastructure?

If so, this policy provides guidelines for their use by employees and IT staff and is available free of charge for you to download.

Pets in the office Policy

Use this policy as a guideline to allowing pets in the office. Pets being allowed in the workplace is more commonplace and adds to the well-being of staff in general…

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