• John Read

    When we originally contacted Meridian, we were actually supported by another firm, but they could not help with a rather urgent problem that we had.

    Meridian arrived, resolved the issue very quickly and even highlighted others we were not aware of. We were very impressed.

  • Rosie Hunter

    The free Network Audit that all Meridian customers receive highlighted a number of issues with our network security. Illegally installed software and incomplete installations.

    My husband works in IT and I knew that some issues were major problems, Meridian talked to us the whole time, fixed them quickly, coordinating the changes so there was little, if any, disruption to our working day. Once that was completed, they set up our remote access for the sales team, which in the past, was something we had been told wasn’t possible without spending a small fortune!

    Tee-Kay Packaging, Rosie Hunter
  • Nick Ash

    We have worked with Meridian for a number of years, they are friendly and efficient and go out of their way to resolve problems when they occur. Most importantly, they speak English not Jargon so we don’t need to be technical to talk to them.

  • Vicki Robinson

    We were having very serious virus issues: our email address was blacklisted because our anti-virus had expired and our systems were not up to date.

    Meridian provided us with a new anti-virus solution, this eliminated all viruses throughout our business and our address was no longer blacklisted, allowing our email to function again.

    Scanlans Solicitors, Vicki Robinson