Firm: Cygnet Family Law

Cygnet Family Law had a requirement to relocate staff from their satellite office to their head office and to implement a standardised software platform throughout the business as their existing environment was a mixture of older technologies.

It was proposed that all PC’s run Windows 7 operating system with Microsoft Office 2013 as the standard productivity suite.

A network inventory was taken of their current machines to identify which met the proposed requirements, which could be upgraded and which would need to be replaced. We identified that 13 of the 23 PC’s would need to be replaced, 2 would require an OS upgrade with 8 PC’s which were already running Windows 7. 4 of the existing machines would also require their version of Office upgrading. The increase in PC’s also meant that the network hardware would need to be upgraded to meet demand.

What we do – Business Upgrade

The replacement PC’s were built offsite to minimise onsite time and costs. The end users would be relocating within the office, therefore their PC’s would be installed at their new desks prior to decommissioning their old PC to minimise disruption, 2 days onsite time was proposed to complete the project. This was completed over a Sunday day & evening with the installation taking place on Monday as required.

Day 1 – all PC hardware and network infrastructure was removed from satellite office and PC’s installed and configured at the head office, installation of new shared printers.

Day 1 Evening – relocation of file server, new network infrastructure to increase capacity and wireless access point to provide total office coverage.

Day 2 – new PC’s installed, configured and tested prior to end users moving to their new PC with old PC then being decommissioned.

The project was completed as scheduled with minimal disruption to the clients operation. Since the project was completed there has been a dramatic decrease in end user issues and fault calls logged.