We give you our IT support team to be your team!

We also give you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional IT support company who is able to communicate to you in a way that you will understand. Our team will not confuse you with technical jargon (unless you prefer it that way).

We understand the concept and meaning of the words “customer service”. Something of a rarity in today’s marketplace.

Our experience in dealing with complex IT support and security issues means we are the ideal partner and trusted advisor to any organisation that is serious about implementing appropriate IT systems and securing what is important to them.

Steve Greenfield
Technical Director

I have worked in the legal industry all my working life. I joined Meridian back in 1995 at its inception, and became involved in legal software accounting procedures. I am a keen golfer and have represented Lincolnshire at all county levels.

  • Favourite day of the year: When the clocks change in March (longer days, good for getting a few holes of golf in after work)
  • Favourite films: Die Hard, Johnny English and anything else that makes me laugh
  • Favourite book: All Bernard Cornwell books (just started the epic Sharpe’s Series)
  • Football Team: Liverpool FC
  • Favourite food: Fish & Chips
  • Pet hates: Decorating, Shopping with the wife at M&S
  • Favourite place: At home with a beer or In Spain - just relaxing
Jane Cooling
Company Director

Originally from Middlesbrough, I moved to Lincolnshire with my parents in the late 70s. My first job took me to Brighton and from there I moved to London. After 12 years in London I decided to return to Lincolnshire and took a job at Meridian, which I enjoyed working at so much that when the opportunity arose in 2008, Steve Greenfield and I bought the Company.

  • In my spare time: I design and sew leather handbags
  • Favourite day of the year: Today
  • Favourite films: It’s a Wonderful Life, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Elephant Man and anything containing Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • Favourite book: Perfume, Patrick Susskind
  • Favourite food: Mashed potato & Char Siu
  • Pet hates: Whistling, dishonesty and incompetence
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Venice, Bequia and Nappa Valley
Phillip Barnes
Technical Helpdesk

I have been working in IT since 1999 when the Millennium bug turned out to be a big non-event. I have spent time working in various industries such as Education, Manufacturing, Broadcasting, Bio-Science and consulting always providing IT expertise. My core arrears of expertise are in IT Security and Systems automation.
When not working I am a Scout leader which keeps me busy Kayaking, Climbing and doing Risk assessments.

  • In my spare time: I am a Portrait Photographer
  • Favourite films: Event Horizion
  • Favourite books: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
  • Favourite food: Home cooked Curry
  • Pet hates: Lack of attention to detail
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Scotland or Anywhere with my Family
Josh Colton
Helpdesk Support Analyst

Meridian is my first real job, and I have really enjoyed working within the support team. My favourite part of the job is speaking to the clients as there are a lot of interesting characters within the firms and everyone has been very pleasant and welcoming to me.

In my spare time: I try to go to a few festivals and concerts each year. It is when I am watching one of my favourite bands perform live that I am the happiest. Recently, I started renting my own place in Stamford and I’ve been overjoyed since.

  • Favourite food: KFC and Char Sui
  • Favourite places: Leeds and London
  • Favourite day of the year: The Download Festival weekend in June
  • Favourite films: The Saw and Resident Evil series, and any good horror films.
  • Pet hates: Door slammers, anonymous callers & accordian players..
Trish Atkins
Office Administrator

Due to my husband being in the RAF I have had quite a varied career travelling around the world; from working in canteens to looking after RAF Police vehicles, but now I am settled in the Fens with my family.

  • In my spare time: My main hobby is taking care of my pets and farm aninals. I also play Netball for a local team in the Lincolnshire Netball league.
  • Favourite film: I have so many, I love musicals and comedies, Mrs Doubtfire, Sound of Music, Paint Your Wagon, I daren’t go on……
  • Favourite song: LoveShack, as everyone always gets up and dances to it.
  • Favourite day night out: A good night out for me is Bacardi & Coke, Curry and a boogie, I’m easily pleased.
  • Favourite place to get away from it all: is a tiny village in Cornwall called Polruan.
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Best holiday was Cuba, swimming with dolphins but could be Goa swimming with elephants, not sure hard to choose!