A STAMFORD-based business is helping companies recoup money when replacing computer hardware, which can be a costly exercise, and help the environment at the same time.

Meridian Network Solutions has joined forces with British manufacturer VeryPC which produces some of the most energy efficient, carbon neutrally-built PCs, servers and network storage devices in the world.

On first look, the most notable aspects of the PCs are their small, compact size and their silence. They are very quiet and help to reduce “office hum”, making them very suitable for call centres, help desks, open offices and receptions. So what about saving you money?

The typical three to five-year-old PC uses 115 watts of electricity (source: Gartner, 2008), whereas VeryPC’s BroadLeaf system uses only 25 watts.

This means that you may save up to £90 per PC, per year, on your electricity bill, depending on the model of PC purchased and its usage. With the recent news that energy prices are going up again (estimated 25 per cent increase over the next 10 years), this saving could increase.

“With Peterborough being the UK’s Environmental Capital, this is a product for every business in the area,” said Meridian project manager Aldrin Barter.

“Imagine if you replaced all of the PCs in your business how much you could save over the next five years which, incidentally, is the standard warranty for these machines.” These are the only PCs that are Energy Saving Trust recommended and as such, Energy Efficiency Financing is available to help businesses replace their existing hardware with energy saving models. These low-interest loans are designed so repayments can be made from what you save on your energy bills, saving your business even more. Meridian also has a range of network support packages, from budget to fully comprehensive, and is the sister company of Meridian Legal Systems (MLS).

MLS has developed software for small to medium-sized law firms since 1995 and supports clients all over the country.

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