Control your use, control your costs, reduce your waste and reduce your bills.

Green computing is a term used to describe the use of computers and other related technology in an environmentally responsible way. By adapting best practices in aiming to reduce resource consumption and improving the disposal of electronic waste.

At Meridian, we have joined forces with VeryPc, the British manufacturer of some of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient, computers, servers, and storage devices, in the world. From the mining of the metal to the packaging they are delivered in, these devices have been designed to reduce the environmental impacts during manufacture, use and end of life. They are the only PCs that are Energy Saving Trust recommended and as such, there can be an Energy Efficiency Financing loan available to help businesses replace their existing hardware with energy saving models. These low-interest loans are designed so repayments can be made from what you save on your energy bills, saving your business even more.

Please contact us for further information about financing. Not only do Green Computers reduce your carbon footprint, but they also use less power than traditional devices and so reduce your energy usage and bills. Using these computers could save you up to £90.00 per year, per computer, as most PC’s that are 4 or 5 years old will use an average of 115 watts, these PC’s only use 25 watts.

There is a 5 year Warranty included as standard, a 5 year carbon offset at no extra cost and these reliable machines provide a real increased return on your investment. Additional power savings, security options and corporate branding are also available.

With advice on how to be Greener with your company's use of IT and computer related products’, we can help your business costs and your environment.

Green Audit

Meridian is introducing a Green Audit for your business to help reduce your costs and wastage. As energy prices are continuing to rise, businesses are looking to cut back in all areas of expenditure in order to cut costs and stay in profit.

As well as purchasing Green, energy efficient equipment, there are practical procedures and alternative solutions that can help with your energy usage and general waste, this will save on your bills and help your environment. Meridian will look into how you currently use your network, computers, servers, printers, fax’s and related peripherals. Then we advise on how you can get more, or less, out them and how you can reduce your overheads.

"We will give you advice on how to be Greener with your company's use of IT and computer related products’, and also help reduce your business costs and your impact on the environment."

For more information on Green Computers, please phone 01780 482795