Firm: Water Audit Services

Water Audit Services contacted us as they required a secure in house file share with an email solution. Their existing configuration consisted of a Windows 2008 server running an Act database with file shares and all machines connected in a workgroup with no domain security. Email was being handled by an external pop3 mail provider pushed out to individual PC’s with no central storage for mailboxes.

It was proposed to install a Windows Small Business Server 2011 that would provide them with domain level security, in house email with central storage and the facility for all data and mailboxes to be backed up. The backup solution would also provide both onsite and offsite copies of data for both servers.

Prior to installation a site survey was conducted to confirm all data which was to be transferred, working paths for applications, printers and each users current email configuration.

As the new server was a clean install (i.e. the machine was set up from blank and no migration of settings was required from any existing equipment) the onsite requirement for the project was 1 day. The initial build for the server was completed offsite with user accounts, antivirus, backup software, mailboxes and data shares being configured and tested prior to onsite installation.

The installation was to take place during a normal working day as there would be little end user disruption due to the existing configuration. Once the new server was installed, the existing server and each PC were added to the new domain, the mailboxes imported and configured to work through the new server.

The new server met all of the clients’ requirements for email, disaster recovery and file security and now allows all of their services to be managed through one point of contact.