Should I outsource my IT?

Well, should you?

Whenever we approach companies about outsourcing their IT, we frequently get asked the same questions and are told the same horror stories of people’s experiences with unscrupulous computer technicians they have dealt with in the past. In anticipation of your queries, and to allay any fears or suspicions you may still have, we have jotted down some of the most common points, in the hope that we may help you to understand what we do and why we feel it is such an important service.

If you feel we have missed anything out, or you have a specific question or query, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to help you in any way we can.

We do not have that many computers

That is not an issue in the slightest. We have many customers who have a small number of users. We even have individuals with only one pc who we assist in any queries they may have.

We are proud that we can confirm and assure you that we offer the same service to our small companies as we do to our larger clients. Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements; no problem is too small for us to deal with.

I do it myself

From our experience we have spoken to a number of businesses who have tried to cover their I.T. themselves, thinking it is far too costly to outsource to professionals and they manage very well thank you very much… or do they? All may seem fine on the surface, but unless you work in the I.T. industry, or like nothing better than reading computer articles on a weekly basis, how do you really know if the system you have is the system that is best suited for your needs and the needs of your staff? Do you really know what is available in the current marketplace and are you really sure that you have the perfect system for your requirements?

Another point that we have many discussions about, is the frustration that we know you must feel when you go to your work each day to your chosen profession and you end up having to deal with the company’s computer issues. The common problem with your doing it yourself is that whilst you work on the computers, there isn’t anyone reducing the work in your in-tray! That work, the reason why you woke up that morning, will have to wait until you have dealt with a computer problem. Doesn’t this interruption take you away from the work that you have chosen to do and presumably want to do?

Using Meridian saves you money by freeing up your time to do the work that you want to do.

We do not have the money

Have you taken note of how much time you have spent dealing with technology issues? Internet going down? Files lost? Systems crashing? and who can you turn to when you have no one in place who easily understands how to solve these issues?

You have a few choices. Doing nothing could be one of them? But what if your systems crashed, losing all of your files? What would you do?
We feel it is far more beneficial to make a concrete investment in something which delivers a real return on your money. Every penny you spend on Network Support – if it is well done – is money invested in the future of your business.

We know that money can be tight, especially in the uncertainty of today’s current economic climate and we can tailor our services to suit both your requirements and your pocket. We offer a realistically priced service that is also value for money.
?What Network maintenance does if it is executed in the right way, is support your business to make sure that if anything does happen to your computers etc. you are covered. From back-ups to engineer call outs we are there for your hardware and software issues.

Can you really afford not to have a Network Support Provider in place?

Will I have to sign a long term contract?

Not at all, we offer ad-hoc support as well as quarterly and monthly contracts, so you can even trial us to make sure you are receiving the best service. We can also help with upgrades and one-off projects with no tie-in to any on-going contracts.

With our varying support levels and flexibility in our packages, we can offer you a solution that suits you.

I’ve never heard of Meridian Network Solutions

Our sister company Meridian Legal Systems Ltd has been in operation since 1995 and we specialise in legal software and network support for solicitors practices. We opened our network support service to non-legal clients last year after enquiries from a firm of independent financial advisors and a credit assessment company.

We are based in Stamford, Lincolnshire and we specialise in serving the technological needs of businesses that generally do not require, nor can afford a full time computer expert. With our computer support and maintenance agreements, you can afford the same support and technological expertise as a large corporation. We aim to ensure that you can avoid the worry of implementing an I.T. Disaster Recovery Process by giving you the Planned Support and Maintenance of your I.T. Solution.

We already have a Network Support Provider

It is good that you see the need for having a Network Support team. What are your most frequent I.T. issues? Does your provider give you 100% good customer service? Are there any points you are let down on? Meridian offer flexible packages to suit you, and whether it be customer service or cost, we provide a quality service that is transparent in its operation.

Contact us today for testimonials from our current satisfied clients, give them a call and discover first-hand what kind of service they are receiving.