I am proud to announce that Meridian Network Solutions Ltd have now collected their Bronze award from Investors in the Environment.

Investors in the Environment (iie), managed by PECT (Peterborough Environment City Trust) is an organisation that encourage companies to commit to reducing their environmental impact and pledge to continue to improve their environmental performance in the future.

Jane at Meridian has been busy preparing the paperwork and ensuring that Meridian implemented environmental policies, also monitored resources and then put together a comprehensive and measurable plan for the future..

We have already reduced our waste output by 20% and due to new working practices, are on our way to reducing our paper consumption by a whopping 75% by the end of our first year of being members of the scheme. A very interesting and worthwhile excercise. www.iie.uk.com for further information.

We then held a number of seminars discussing how you can save energy/money by reviewing your IT practices.
Please call Jane on 01780 482795 to book your place.