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These days, most firms are IT dependent, but when it comes to the challenge of cutting costs, the concentration of efforts are primarily focussed onto the usual utility bills and not IT systems and working practices.

Servers, PC’s, Monitors, Laptops, Printers… the list goes on and primarily, IT equipment also appears to stay switched on! This tradition uses vast amounts of energy and is a heavy drain on your electricity costs. We can talk you through how your company can change the way they work and what areas should be looked at. Give us a call on 01780 482795

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A little known fact!

The brighter your screen, and even its colour, the more power is used. Switching from bright blue or white wallpapers to darker colours and reducing the brightness of your screen can save you about 4 watts (approx. 7% of your total pc energy usage) and it will also reduce your eye strain!

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